Open a Cyprus Company

Registration Procedure

Once you have decided to start your business in Cyprus, in order to register the Cyprus Company, the initial step is the request to the Registrar of Companies that should be made to verify whether the proposed name of your new company is acceptable.

We suggest submitting for approval to the Registrar two or three options to the first choice of name, as our experience has shown that this can save time.

The Cyprus company formation and registration procedure usually may be completed within a period of two weeks, given that all necessary documents have been provided promptly and the Registrar of Companies has been satisfied with the documents submitted in relation to a proposed company are in order, a Certificate of Incorporation will be issued, and the Cyprus company becomes a corporate body with its Registration number.

Registered Office

Your company must have a registered office from the day it commences business or from the fourteenth day after its incorporation, whichever is earlier. The registered office is the place where all official documents from all governmental and private offices will be sent on and for the name of the company.

Company Secretary

Company Secretary is required by law and is appointed by the directors. A company or an individual may be appointed as a secretary.

Set of Company’s corporate documents normally consists of:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Registered Office Address of the Company
  • Certificate of Directors and Secretary of the Company
  • Certificate of Shareholders of the Company
  • Share Certificates
  • Statutory and other necessary Minutes of the Meetings of the Directors and Shareholders
  • Any other documents related to the company's activities up to the date of its establishment
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